Wake Forest University Semester Abroad in Vienna, Austria
The Flow House
Wake Forest University
Gustav Tschermak-Gasse 20
A-1190 Vienna, Austria

The Flow House is a three-story villa located in the 19th district of Vienna. It houses sixteen students on the top floor, features a classroom, spacious kitchen, library, dining room, and living room on the middle floor, and a comfortable faculty apartment on the lower level.

Students who have completed one year of college German (111-12 or 113) are given preference for admission, but students without German are also encouraged to apply. While at the Flow House, all students will study German at their appropriate level.

Each semester Students take four academic courses (12 hours), two of which are taught by the accompanying Wake Forest faculty director, the other two by Vienna professors. Students may also take an optional photography course taught by Prof. Haika.

Flow House Director:
In 2010 Professor David Levy of the Music Department became the director of the Flow House. Considering the rich tradition of music in Vienna, it is rather appropriate that the Music Department house the directorship. The Flow House will continue to have close ties with the German & Russian Department, and we are all looking forward to more interdisciplinary collaboration in our efforts to continue the success of the program.

Vienna instructors:

Günter Haika (German and Literature)
Herbert Czermak (History)
Beatrice Ottersböck (Art and Architecture)
Ulrike Anton (Music)


Applications may be made through the Center for International Studies.

Financial Aid:
Students are encouraged to apply for financial aid through the Center for International Studies. Students can also apply for the Sanders Scholarship, which can help defray some, but not all, of the costs incurred while studying at the Flow House.