How do I declare German as my major?

The German & Russian department follows the University guidelines for declaring a major. They are as follows:

The majority of students declare their major during the second semester of their sophomore year. Prior to declaring a major, a student should have earned at least 55 hours.  A student may declare German as their major earlier than this if they already accumulated 55 hours of credit, such as during the fall semester.  If you are interested in declaring German as your major and you meet the other requirements, you should contact Dr. Boyer (758-5361; for information.

What courses do I take during my first 2 years?

To be admitted into the major, there are no courses a prospective German student should take.  However, in order to fulfill the requirements for graduation, students are encouraged to complete their language requirement (200 level course) before declaring a major. Additionally, all freshmen should be working to complete their basic and divisional requirements.

German Language or German Studies?

Students can choose between two possible majors and minors in the German department: either a major/minor in German or a major/minor in German Studies. Both majors require twenty-seven hours beyond German 153.

The German Studies major involves a greater degree of interdisciplinary courses, including politics, history, religion, art, and music. The German major focuses on German language and literature.

How do I change my major to German?

If you have already declared a different major, but would like to change to German, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a “Change of Major” form from the Registrar’s Office or on WIN
  2. Take the form to the departmental office of your old major and ask your advisor to sign it
  3. Bring the “Change of Major” form to Dr. Boyer in Greene 330 for signature
  4. Return the completed “Change of Major” form to the Registrar’s Office

What do I do if I am a transfer student?

If you have transferred to Wake Forest University, have completed 55 hours so that you are able to declare a major, and would like to declare German as your major, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a “Declaration of Major” form from the Registrar’ Office
  2. Bring the completed “Declaration of Major” form to Dr. Boyer in Greene 330 and obtain a signature.
  3. Take the signed “Declaration of Major” form back to the Registrar’s Office

Additionally, you will need to closely examine the student record of classes to ensure that you will be able to finish all required course work prior to your intended date of graduation.

How am I assigned an advisor?

Dr. Boyer is the advisor for all German majors and minors. Once you have officially declared German as your major, Dr. Boyer will appear as your advisor.