Options for Studying German Abroad
An integral part of every student’s college life is study abroad. The German Department actively encourages and supports study in Vienna at the Flow House, with IES (Institute for the International Education of Students) in Berlin, Freiburg, or Vienna, and with the Goethe Institut. There is no substitute for direct contact with the foreign language and culture if one wishes to become a fluent speaker. In addition, abroad prepares students for an increasingly global society and encourages a greater understanding of American culture and language from a distanced perspective.

Approved programs in Germany and Austria

  • Semester in Vienna at the Flow House Residential Study Center
  • Full-year or semester programs with the Institute for the International Education of Students (IES). Students receive full (transfer) credit for courses completed and financial aid travels with tem. Locations for IES programs include:
    • Berlin / Humboldt Universty
    • Freiburg (German Studies or EU Program)
    • Vienna (strong focus in International Business)
  • Summer language study with the Goethe Institute. Students receive WFU credit for one or two German courses (3 or 6 hrs)
  • Summer course at Flow House: since summer 08 two undergraduate courses from a variety of disciplines are offered at the house, most of which fulfill divisional reuirements.

Financial Aid

Students are encouraged to apply for financial aid through the Center for International Studies and through the German Department’s Sanders Scholarship. These scholarships will help defray the added costs incurred while studying abroad.

  • IES Programs:
    • CIS travel grant ($2,000)
    • IES merit and need grants
    • Sanders Scholarship (amount varies according to situation)
  • Flow House in Vienna
    • CIS travel grants (for semester or summer programs)
    • Humphrey Grant (varies according to situation)
    • one comptuer assistant work grant ($1,000)
    • Sanders Scholarship
  • For summer study with Goethe Institute
    • CIS travel grant
    • Sanders Scholarship

 I.E.S. Study Abroad

Rising juniors and seniors are invited to apply through Wake Forest to the Institute of European Studies (IES) for study in Berlin or Freiburg, Germany, or Viena, Austria. The Berlin and Freiburg GS (German Studies) programs emphasize German language, literature, politics, history, the arts, and the European Common Market. The Vienna program offers courses in international business, East-West European studies (economics, history, and politics), fine arts, language and literature, and psychology. These are fully-recognized programs of Wake Forest, with full credit earned. All scholarships, tuition concessions, or other forms of financial aid travel with the students. For the past quarter of a century students from Wake Forest have successfully studied abroad with these programs every year, which are fully recognized and credited by Wake Forest.

IES provides need-based and merit based scholarships to assist students who participate in these programs. In addition, students may apply to the Department of German & Russian (Sanders Scholarship), or the Office of International Studies, for financial assistance to cover some of the costs of study abroad in these programs.

Interested students should contact Alyssa Howards (Department of German & Russian).

Courses at the Goethe Institut:

All students are encouraged to study abroad for as long as possible. The Goethe Institut offers some summer courses that enable students with more restrictive schedules to immerse themselves in German language in a 4, 6, or 8 week course. These intensive courses also work well in preparing students for a semester or year-long program. Financial aid is also available for study at the Goethe Institut through the Department of German & Russian’s Sanders Scholarship.

Interested students should contact Alyssa Howards (Department of German & Russian).