Certify your German Proficiency

The Goethe Institute’s examinations are the internationally recognized name for German language qualifications. Here at Wake Forest the German Department offers specialized examinations in business German and in German language.

German majors and minors are required to take the Zertifikat Deutsch (ZD) examination in their last semester or senior year.  The Zertifikat Deutsch für den Beruf (ZDfB) is offered at the end of the GER 330.  Anyone within or outside the Wake Forest is able to take the examinations.

The cost for the ZD is $65.00 and the cost for the ZDfB is $65.00.  If you are interested in taking the examinations, please contact Dr. Wiggers.  If you are not currently enrolled in Wake Forest or in any German classes now, contact Dr. Wiggers to inquire about testing dates and qualifications.

Zertifikat Deutsch:
“The Zertifikat Deutsch (German Certificate, ZD) is proof of a sufficient command of everyday German to enable you to cope in all kinds of day-to-day situations. With this certificate, recognized worldwide, you can show that you can handle basic grammatical structures and are capable of following and participating in simple everyday conversations. You are also able to speak and write about basic topics and understand general texts.” (Goethe Institute Webpage)

Zertifikat Deutsch für den Beruf:
“This certificate shows that you can make yourself understood in a broad range of day-to-day situations at your place of work. You can understand simple business texts, draft routine letters and adequately participate in conversations pertaining to the everyday working environment.” (Goethe Institute Webpage)