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Dr. William S. Hamilton was born in Cincinnati four days after Pearl Harbor was bombed. A slow student at Yale, it took him eleven years to obtain three degrees; he was distracted in his studies of Slavic linguistics by an equally burning love for Bluegrass music. It is true that during this period, he knew Jerry Garcia, but his relationship with Jerry ended when Jerry switched to electric guitar.

Dr. Hamilton taught Russian at SUNY Buffalo throughout the seventies, and arrived at Wake Forest in 1982. As Associate Dean, he has specialized in the Judicial System, departures, and returns. As Professor of Russian, he teaches first and fourth year courses, one of which utilizes a book he wrote in 1980 entitled Introduction to Russian Phonology and Word Structure. Some of his more infamous publications include songs such as “Please Mister Dean, Keep my Record Clean”. Dr. Hamilton is the husband of Cindy, a professional photograher, and father of Sage, class of 1994, and John, class of 1998. His most recent hobby has been carving chess sets.