Current Russian Courses

111, 112. Elementary Russian. (3h,3h) The essentials of Russian grammar, conversation, drill, and reading of elementary texts. Lab required.

153. Intermediate Russian. (4h) Principles of Russian grammar are reviewed and expand-ed upon; reading of short prose pieces and materials from the Russian press. Lab required. P—Russian 112 or equivalent.

210. The Russians and Their World. (3h) Introduces Russian culture and society, with topics ranging from history, religion, art, and literature to contemporary Russian popular music, TV, and film Taught in Russian. P-153 or equivalent.

212. Introduction to Russian Literature. (3h) Readings of selected short stories and excerpts from longer works from the nineteenth century. P—Russian 153 or equivalent.

317. Seminar in Nineteenth Century Russian Literature. (3h) In-depth reading and discussion of shorter novels and occasional short stories by the foremost Russian authors from the 19th century to the present. P—RUS 212

321. Conversation and Composition. (3h) Study of grammar at the advanced level. Intensive practice in composition and conversation based on contemporary Russian materials. P—RUS 210 or 212

328. Advanced Grammar. (3h) Mastery of Russian declension and conjugation, with spe-cial attention to the correct use of reference materials. Syntax of complex and problematic sentences. P—Russian 321.

330. The Structure of Russian. (3h) The linguistic tools of phonetics, phonemics, and morphophonemics are explained and applied to modern Russian. Emphasis is given to the study of roots and word formation. P—Permission of instructor.

332. The History of the Russian Language. (3h) The evolution of Russian from Common Slavic to the modern language; theory of linguistic reconstruction and the Indo-European family; readings from selected Old East Slavic texts. P—Russian 321 and permission of instructor.

340. Seminar in Translation. (3h) Advanced work in English-to-Russian and Russian-to-English translation. P—Russian 321 and permission of instructor.

341. Masterworks in Translation. (3h) Reading and discussion of selected works from Russian literature in English translation by such writers as Gogol, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Bulgakov, and Solzhenitsyn.

354. Language of the Russian Press and mass Media. (3h) Readings from Russian newspapers, magazines and the Internet, as well as exposure to Russian television and radio broadcasts. Emphasis is on improving reading and listening skills and vocabulary acquisition. P—312 or Permission of Instructor

370. Individual Study. (1.5-3h) Study in language or literature beyond the 210-212 level. P—Russian 212 or higher.

390. The Language of Russian Commerce and Politics. (3h) Readings in the contemporary Russian press. Intensive written and oral practice, emphasizing specialized vocabulary of business and government. P—Russian 321 or permission of instructor.