rorybradley_profilephoto2016Visiting Assistant Professor

Greene Hall, 328
Email: bradlere ‘at’
hone: 336-758-5470

Rory Bradley received his Ph.D. from the Carolina-Duke Graduate Program in German Studies in May of 2016 and is joining the Wake Forest faculty as a Visiting Assistant Professor for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Rory’s current research focuses on 18th– and 19th-century German literature and philosophy, specifically on the complementary techniques of “suspense” [Spannung] and “abeyance” [Schweben] and their tendency to enable or to curtail free thinking. He has written on Immanuel Kant, Karl Philipp Moritz, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Mary Shelley and other writers and thinkers of the German and English traditions. Active on the academic conference circuit, he has upcoming presentations on suspense in the writings of Kant and Hume, on Carl August Grosse’s writings on the sublime, and o the concept of “ghosts” in the films of Christian Petzold’s Gespenter-Trilogie.

In addition, Rory has a strong interest in eco-philosophy and the fields of biosemiotics and biopoetics, pioneered by the work of the Baltic-German biologist Jakob von Üeküll, who was the first person to forward the idea of an “Umwelt” (environment or “surrounding world”) in German. Rory’s translation of Lebendigkeit: Eine erotische Ökologie [Aliveness: An Erotic Ecology, English title not yet set], a monograph on biosemiotics by the German philosopher and biologist Andreas Weber, will be published in the spring of 2017.